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Montreal, October 5, 2000 - A rare event in the language industry, a large Montreal-based multilingual translation agency, BG Communications International Inc., organised a contest throughout the province; the «BG Babel Bursaries». Divided into a total of five categories: three of which are at the university level: A) English to French translation, B) French to English translation, and C) French/English to Spanish translation; while two are at the Cegep level: the English or French revision of a text. The Babel Bursaries were created to reflect the company's wish to contribute to the training of tomorrow's translators and linguists, promote professional excellence, and ensure a continuity in human resources in the sector of translation, revision, terminology and linguistics in Quebec.

It is not only to alleviate the absence of incentives for new translators, but also to identify the most promising talent at the university level, support their integration in the job market and foster a greater recognition for the profession that BG Communications International Inc. has created and implemented the Babel Bursary programme.

As the result of lengthy debates amongst jury members, here is the list of the 1999-2000 bursary winners:

French to English Translation Category:
Cynthia Déry Université Laval 1st prize $1,500
Mélanie Saindon Université Laval 2nd prize Other
English to French Translation Category:
Catherine Bouchard Université Laval 1st prize $1,500
Karine Circé Ottawa University 2nd prize Other
Célane Morin Université Laval 3rd prize Other
French/English to Spanish Translation Category:
Nathalie Nicol Université de Montréal 1st prize $1,500
Fleur de Marie Montalvo Concordia University 2nd prize Other

French Revision Category:
Marilyne Marcoux Collège Montmorency 1st prize $500
Éric Provost Cégep de Chicoutimi 2nd prize Other
Élissia Bélanger Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup 3rd prize Other
English Revision Category:
Stéphanie Southmayd Dawson College 1st prize $500
Loralie Boyle Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles 2nd prize Other
Adolfo Nuncio Champlain Regional College - St. Lawrence 3rd prize Other

BG Communications International Inc. is proud to provide assistance for tomorrow's translators and attract students' interest towards language and perhaps, inspire them to strive for their mastery.

Congratulations to all winners.

For more information on BG Communications International Inc., please visit our Web site at http://www.bgcommunications.ca.


Linda Gauthier, C.Tr.
Chief Operating Officer

BG Communications International Inc.
Tel.: 514-376-7919

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