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   Official Languages of Canada
   (Revision Category - CEGEP level)


The revision contest is addressed to young people at the CEGEP level. Its aim is to evaluate the students' level of ability in their native language. The evaluation criteria are based solely on spelling, grammar rules and common usage.


BG Communications Inc. and its partners by way of BG's Young Translators Consolidated Assistance Fund (YOTCAF) have decided to invest in today's youth in order to ensure the renewal of human resources in the industry.


The "Babel Revision" bursaries, worth $500, are awarded each year to the CEGEP-level students who obtain the best results in a Quebec-wide revision contest, offered in English and French, organised by BG Communications Inc. The purpose of these bursaries is to encourage students' interest in language in general and in English and French in particular, and to promote excellence in their use. Their goal is to achieve greater understanding of the linguistic world and its professional possibilities as well as greater recognition of the linguist's profession in society. They also aim to help the multi-lingual and communication services industry identify young talent and ensure the renewal of their human resources. On the eve of the new millennium, BG's "Babel" fellowship aspires to be a vehicle of social awareness. In a world where the global market has become an undeniable reality, linguists are a necessary link. They are the contacts between cultures and the communication channels for the different players in the global arena.


The fellowships are designed for Quebec CEGEP students enrolled in the following programmes: Social Science, Languages, Translation Techniques, Arts and Letters, Liberal Arts or any other related programme.


To be eligible, candidates must be enrolled in a CEGEP recognised by the Quebec Ministry of Education, and be registered in a full-time or part-time general or vocational programme leading to a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DCS) in Social Studies, Translation, Arts, Communications or Languages, as well as:

  • be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, permanent resident of Canada or have a valid student visa and be undergoing the process of immigration;

  • be a full-time or part-time student in a general or vocational CEGEP programme;

  • complete the registration form and pay the $15 administration fee; and

  • register for the translation contest, comply with contest rules and respect the date, place and time of the test, as scheduled by the organisation committee.


BG requests that all candidates enrol in the Quebec-wide revision contest. The test consists of revising an error-filled text in either French or English (your choice) of approximately 2,000 words within a period of three hours. The contest will be held on the same day in every CEGEP where the number of participants justifies it, under the supervision of official BG representatives. Two weeks prior to the contest, the time, date and place of the exam will be disclosed, in writing, to each participant.


All candidates must fill out a registration form and pay the administrative fee. Participants who wish to obtain a copy of the registration form and contest rules may do so from the student services department of their CEGEP, student associations, by requesting one from the organising committee's office or by printing a copy directly from our Web site at


The registration period for the Quebec-wide revision contest extends from January 1, 2002 to March 29, 2002. The registration form and administrative fee must be sent to the organising committee no later than March 29, 2002, the postmark being proof thereof.


Experienced editors will sit on the corrections committee and evaluate the exam papers and grade them in accordance with a pre-defined correction grid. The one hundred best copies will be submitted to the jury for evaluation. The jury, chaired by Mrs. Linda Gauthier, Chief Operating Officer and senior partner at BG Communications International Inc., will evaluate the finalists. Criteria such as spelling, grammar rules and common usage will guide the jury in their evaluation.

The names of 6 finalists for the "Babel - French and English Revision Category" bursary will be disclosed in September 2002. The name of the Award Winner will be disclosed toward the end of September. The bursary will be awarded to the winner by BG Communications International Inc. September 30, 2002. Candidates who come in second and third place will also receive an award.


The Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector protects people's personal lives and their personal information, and gives them the right to access this information. Each candidate's exam will be kept for a period of six months in the organisation committee office files. Any person wishing to obtain a corrected copy of his exam may request same in writing.

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